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Are delighted to announce the release of the long awaited debut Freebass EP “Two Worlds Collide” which brings together a selection of famous guest vocalists including Tim Burgess, Pete Wylie, Howard Marks and Peter Hook.

Originally born out of a conversation between Mani, Hooky and Rourkie some five years ago, Freebass has been through a long gestation process. Finding the right lead singer proved arduous leading Mani to suggest that the band approach their famous friends to contribute vocals. Howard, Tim and Pete all responding to the call.

“Two Worlds Collide” is the result of these early Freebass sessions and is released as a full four track EP including bonus tracks.

Opening up is Tim Burgess’ contribution, “You Don’t Know This About Me”, a melodic and epic tune, the most reminiscent of Hooky’s previous bands. A Stateside feel permeates the track, aptly enough since Tim wrote and recorded the vocal from his home in LA.

The EP takes a turn into the surreal with second track, “The Milky Way Is Our Playgroud” as Pete Wylie takes on vocal duties for a soaring, euphoric space rock track.

“Mr Nice” next as raconteur and beatnik, Howard Marks delivers a sterling vocal on “Dark Starr” as its driving bassline spins off into a grungey piece of rock and roll mischief. As Howard raps about Merlin, the light of Lucifer and matters thereof.

A change of pace for final track “Live Tomorrow You Go Down” as Hooky growls his way through a dance track whose Blackburn raves bassline, crunching beats, and Giorgio Moroder style electro flourishes bring about a leftfield, punkish techno track that was originally recorded by one of Freebass’ early vocal try outs.

Mindful of Ian Curtis’ maxim that if you start a track, you finish it, Hooky completed the track with Phil Murphy and dedicates it to Rich, the original singer.

So there you have it finally, the debut Freebass EP, you thought you’d never see.

The EP includes 6 tracks and is available as a one track continuous download.

Four tracks are also available as individual downloads.

Downloads are available from the Audio section of the shop.

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On Freebass

“I think Freebass is a great band for bass players. It’s a great concept, no-one else has done it, and there are three really strong characters there that’ve all played in extremely brilliant bands”.

Tim Burgess

“The EP starts with a clock ticking, to signify the passing of time, then the four tracks and then into a playground. one of my favourite sounds. I remember from my childhood, when I was off school ill, my house was next to another school and I’d hear the kids at play time, it always reminds me of that! It was strange to hear it from your house, where you're kind of divorced from it? I always loved the sound, because to me it’s about hope, the future, the joy of life, the spirit.”


“The E.P shows the process as a musician that you go through. The sample at the end signifies the difficulty of dealing with some people. I often think that people don’t realise how hard it is to get a group together, the commitment that it takes. They seem to forget that aspect, and don’t even start me on the problems inherent in being locked together with four other blokes, in small rooms for days on end, recording, working etc etc, aargh!


“I’d say to them don’t build it up too much. It is what it is, it’s not going to revolutionise the world, it’s just a bunch of guys trying to get together and create something. I’d urge people to take it on its merits. If people build it up too much then inevitably some people will be disappointed cos you cant live up to everyone’s expectations.” 
“People should realise we’re not trying to emulate New Order, The Roses, Primal Scream, or The Smiths, we’re just into it for what we do and to have a good time with it.”