Adding to the archive of live clips from the original Haçienda, four videos from the
concert of short lived but highly influential English alt rock band Bauhaus at FAC51
in August 1982 have been uploaded to the original footage section of the site.

The clips span Bauhaus’s five year career, airing the angular post punk of “Third Uncle”, the experimental “Of Lillies And Remains”, fan favourite “The Spy In The Cab” and their biggest hit, a cover of Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust”, originally recorded by the BBC.

Often termed the first gothic rock band to emerge following punk, the Northampton group comprised Peter Murphy on vocals, Daniel Ash on guitar, David J on bass and Kevin Haskins on drums and originally called themselves “Bauhaus 1919”, taking inspiration from the German 1920’s art movement because of its "stylistic implications and associations" according to David J.

Championed early on by John Peel and Sounds for their early single “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” led the band on to recording a BBC Session in January 1980 and more singles followed before their debut album “In The Flat Field” on 4AD records, the label that also released the Cocteau Twins, latterly the Pixies and nowadays hosts The National’s material.

With “In The Flat Field” topping the indie album charts, it was felt Bauhaus had outgrown 4AD at the time and moved onto sister indie label Beggar’s Banquet for their second album “Mask” in October 1981. More a cult than commercial hit, the band began to become disillusioned and although third album “The Skys Gone Out” was released in 1982, tensions began to rise within the band about Peter Murphy’s celebrity status, especially with his appearances in the infamous Maxwell Tapes advertising campaign.

At the end of international tour including dates in Europe and the Far East, Bauhaus played their last show at Hammersmith Palais on 5th July 1983 although the band have reformed in the late Nineties and mid Noughties for tours and new recordings.

Although The Haçienda footage comes from the final year of the band, it still shows the power and verve that Bauhaus possessed live and the gig is often referred to as one of the special early Haçienda shows, coming some three months after the club first opened.

The b-side to the band's “Ziggy Stardust” released in 1982 which reached number 15 on the charts, “Third Uncle” is a spiky, post punk, angular number with shades of Gang Of Four and the sound that was to shape later bands such as Jesus And Mary Chain. Watch "Third Uncle"

A dub influenced experimental track which unfuls a rousing bassline to accompany Peter Murphy’s spoken vocal, “Of Lillies And Remains” sparkles with a casual snarl and menace and remains one of the highlights of Bauhaus’ second album “Mask”. Watch "Of Lillies And Remains"

From the band's first album on 4AD, “In The Flat Field”, “The Spy In The Cab” is again an unnerving meld of sonics and guitars in an arresting, stylised take on Bauhaus krautrock leanings with the song telling a dark tale of urban surveillance and paranoia. Watch "The Spy In the Cab"

In what was to become the bands biggest hit and to close The Haçienda concert, Bauhaus top their hat to the thin white duke, David Bowie with their rendition of “Ziggy Stardust” originally recorded for a BBC session. Watch "Ziggy Stardust"

These four new clips join archived video performances of the likes of Liason Dangereuses, Simple Minds, J Walter Negro and Delta 5 in the original footage section of the site.